By Joel Gaines

Chaos Terrain

Sci-Fi Novel

NASA and the United States Space Force collaborated to send a crew of intrepid American scientists and astronauts to brave the dangers of extended space travel on the USS Proteus, the first United States Ship in space. Their mission is to establish a research station on the chaotic terrain of the Jovian moon, Europa, to answer the question once and for all: Is there life on celestial bodies other than earth?

The possibility of instant death from the dangers of space travel, lingering death by radiation exposure, or a myriad of mysterious phenomena occurring in the ocean depths below the lunar surface are the least of their problems when a foreign government is actively working to sabotage their success.


Joel Gaines

Joel has tried his hand at several occupations. He has been an NCO in the US Army, a hapless AOL optionaire, a technologies manager, and is currently a business owner. However, it was always his dream to be a writer. Joel’s inaugural sci-fi novel, Chaos Terrain, was an idea he had in 1996 and held onto while raising a family, climbing corporate ladders, or exploring new business ideas. Joel plans to write more novels in several genres if he can stop reading the books his friends have written.

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Awesome characters! I was amazed at how much I cared about them. 


This was a page-turner for me. I can’t wait for the sequel. There will be a sequel, right?


I am not even a Sci-Fi fan, but this is a great story and really makes me wonder!

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